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Jungle Book Reimagined

February 18, 2023
CCB (The Centro Cultural de Belém)
21-35 Euro

In the near future, a family is torn apart as they escape their homeland, devastated by the impact of climate change. Arriving alone in a deserted modern city, and with wild animals claiming the streets as their own, the child quickly discovers unlikely allies in this strange new jungle. In Akram Khan's new dance/theatre production, based on the original story The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling's family classic, Akram and his team reinvent Mowgli's journey through the eyes of a climate refugee.

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Prompt for AI
a digital painting after a climate crisis, a photo of a family living in a deserted modern city, and wild animals on the street, color splash, outdoor, wide-angle, Canon, sun rays, Concept art by Kentaro Miura, Highly detailed, Professional. geometric shapes, S line, hard edges
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